Eco-friendly home decorating means to go green and going green has now become a centre stage of attraction. The elements of design suggested by the flat interior designers in Kochi can also be incorporated with sustainable ecological practices in decor. Your home can be tossed with the best without letting you skip the gorgeous add-ons. Being eco-conscious you should have a green home and don’t worry all these considerations will not have to break the bank to give your home a high-end look. 

An eco-friendly and sustainable home tries to inculcate the environmental effect in your home. There are plentiful ideas to bring more eco-friendly decorations and doesn’t necessarily have to be harder than planning to be less environmentally friendly. You can even go green by choosing responsibly sourced furnishings and also contacting expert designers in the industry. 

An environmentally sustainable interior design uses aesthetic principles and strategies to involve global standards in the eco-friendly interior design possible in the best way in the given space. 

To go sustainable with your home, we present you this guide in which we have rounded up some eco-friendly interior design tips that will inspire you for improving the environmental sustainability of your home.

Proposal planning

The better idea to switch up your approach is to find something with little environmental impact and hit up your nearest designer, consider reusing or recycling a gorgeous fit that will be unique and eco-friendly. Propose with the right fit furniture specs for a one-of-a-kind piece that could go as a real thing, and is sustainable to the environment. 

Choose Environment-Friendly Furnishings

Saying green and being green necessarily need to be reflected on the furnishings too. Do consider all the important factors of a sustainable lifestyle, but creating a healthier one needs all the decor elements too, as it plays a substantial role. The furnishings, floor coverings and artificial design elements have to go in a manner to be renewable which means it is a sustainable practice. So, what could be the sustainable choice in interior design? Is it wooden furniture? No, wooden furniture is involved with the cutting down of trees and it is a non-sustainable practice to follow. On the other hand, reclaimed wood recycles the old material, giving it eco-friendly new life is an excellent solution to hike on. Reused wood materials are also an excellent flooring option in rustic homes. 

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Bamboo-versatile grass with the high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Recycled metal scrap reduces pollution and acts as energy saving
  • Bio-glass or biodegradable substance for a variety of applications
  • Cork-green material is known for high sustainability and recyclability.

Choose VOC-free paints

VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds are dangerous substances to damage the environment and almost all common paints in the market for home interiors in Kochi do contain VOCs. When used for a long period, these VOCs tend to emit toxic components to the environment and to be eco-friendly and sustainable in life, do opt for paints that contain less VOC or no VOC. For those who are thinking of repainting, then go green with VOC-free paints and remain eco-friendly forever.

Evaluate sustainable lighting too

A home built with nothing inside won’t look great and the look of the home is in the furnishings done inside and that is why interior designers are in high demand. The furnishings play a substantial role and the same creates the mood of the space. The important aspect to consider further is the lighting. Don’t forget to consider the green idea for the lighting too like,

  • switch to energy-efficient lighting options
  • Inspect the lighting fixtures for possible heat loss
  • Let the sunlight be your lighting option through windows in the majority of your home space

Minimum Interior can tend to decrease the carbon footprint

The eco-friendly home designing approach can take a mode of minimalism through the exact mode of decluttering, organising and simplifying. The ergonomic and mindful setting is not the result you can achieve but a more sustainable home too. Lessers need to be involved with very few materials which have a positive impact on the environment. 

Scandinavian Decor 

To be at the minimum range and to highlight the rawness of earthy organic materials, the Scandinavian design is the best choice. This design methodology is to stick to the open space and you can limit the number of non-renewable resources items. This concept is applicable to each and every item in your house that is composed of thoroughly processed materials. The focal point of the Scandinavian designs often serves to be the exact natural source for your house. 

Know it is Green

To be healthy means you need to eat healthy food and going all-natural would bring in a healthy level of scepticism. The same goes with the furnishings too. All natural in a sustainable living style, the furnishings labelled green need to be an essential item. Is the green label trustworthy? Will it be really green and eco-friendly? To check for the same, now you have the tools to determine whether an element of interior design is really a sustainable option. Going green in all aspects will need a hunt for green choices with the interior designer in Kochi around and need to have perfect knowledge about the materials and finishes that make eco-friendly furniture options. In this article, we present you with essential facts and the one in need can take it as a guide or reference to help you in making eco-friendly choices for your home.