It’s time to babyproof your home, for your little crawler, clipping cabinets, removing the choking hazards, and plugging the outlets.

It is all about your peace of mind for your child’s safety.

It can be overwhelming to look around the home to keep the baby safe. Getting the best baby-proofing products is more about following your intuition and less about the latest newfangled safety product.

The home interior designers in Kochi suggest getting the things that could pose a risk out of the room entirely.

6 steps to follow:

Take care of the valuables

Valuables cannot be misplaced as they are the ones that get easily into the child’s hand. Once the item is in their hands, then forget it, it is not going to come back to your hands, as it may get misplaced. So make sure you keep the valuables away from your child in a safe place.

Keep away the cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies can be potentially dangerous items and should be kept out of reach of children. Can make use of child-resistant containers, label them and store them in locked cabinets beyond your baby’s reach.

Use Furniture Straps

Use furniture straps to hold heavy furniture like television, bookshelves, and dressers and can also put corner or edge guards on any item with sharp edges.

Use Baby Gates

Children don’t have entry to all the areas in the house. Especially the balcony type areas. Do take care to use baby gates to limit his or her movement and install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Use outlet covers

To ensure your kids from electric shocks use child-proof outlet covers on all exposed electrical sockets. 

Check out the 6 additional techniques that will help you make your home a safe place for your little belly-bound adventurer.

Balanced TV Poster

Televisions are usually heavy and become a serious hazard if your TV is not in the right posture and tipping over. Keep your TV fastened onto the walls and if mounted on a shelf then keep it right as TVs are extremely weighty and unbalanced.

Fasten your bookshelves

The heavy bookshelves can be mounted onto the wall with bookshelf fasteners and make sure children don’t climb on them as they are enticing, irresistible, adventurous and extremely dangerous.

Door Alarms Works

A door alarm that can lead to areas that require supervision like a pool or something is also a good idea especially if your house sits on a busy street. It works like they will alert you if the door is opened and is an extra layer of safety with the door handle as child proof contraption.

The elder child can handle too

You should begin teaching and educating your older child on taking care of the younger ones. Make your older children help and participate in this activity so they feel like they are part of the process. Explain to them that they need to help keep their younger sibling safe.

Put a hold on your refrigerator

Refrigerators light up and are full of delicious food so definitely invest in a lock for your refrigerator.

No loose items to hang on

The loose items such as flower pots and heavy picture frames, the beauty suggestions from an interior designer in Kochi are to be fastened to the table as a child can crawl up to a table and shake it so need to carefully consider what is sitting on top of the table to provide a safe place for your little crawler to explore.

The hot water settings

To keep curious babies safe your hot-water heater is set to less degrees.

Kids become fascinated with playing with knobs and turning things on playing in bathrooms. People usually don’t think about such an accident cause but the majority of injuries and deaths from tap-water scalds involve the elderly and children under the age of five.

Baby crib safety

To prevent injury from the crib choose the appropriate crib-rail height for your baby’s age. You can have the crib at the highest setting as per the developmental changes to occur with the child. No object should be kept with the baby in the crib and they don’t need blankets and pillows that become more of a hazard than anything.

Be cautious with every heavy object

Babies get to have developmental changes in every corner of the nook and at this milestone, they might find to bring in adventurous activities to get a hold on. You need to lay on the floor and look from their point of view and make sure the things around are secure. 

Don’t forget the window blinds

Remember to keep the Venetian blind cords out of the reach of small children. Check window coverings in their home with safer cordless or inaccessible cord options likewise not to become entangled in a window-covering cord.

Skip the Tablecloths

Tablecloths are a big problem which can easily send the contents of the table flying. The tablecloth for placemats is a must that is elegant, easily wipe down, and the vinyl material doesn’t slide around.

Angle Latch

Children grow fast, but it may be difficult to keep them away from all the lower storage that’s when angle latches came in super handy. They are easy to operate and can manage things even with one hand. 
Checking up on the above with the help of interior design companies in Kochi prevents injuries and prevent hazards; it is important to have professional babyproofing ideas for every room. So take the time to plan on babyproofing your home so that you can have peace of mind the next time you set your intrepid adventurer down. For parents, all these are stress relievers to make your home safer. Don’t think babyproofing is a complete solution but it significantly reduces the majority of risks.