We all have grown up in traditional Indian homes, where our grandmothers religiously maintained a kitchen garden, right? Similarly, haven’t you loved the real Indian kitchen with countless spaces to store spices, utensils, and all. Well, don’t let that ideal kitchen go to sleep. With the help and workmanship of the best interior design companies in Kochi, this dream can be a reality. If you are wondering how then we have outlined this for you. In fact, many of our clients have longed to experience the joy of building their own version of the classic Indian Rasoi, and here our designers have the expertise to bring light to your dreams.

Got a small apartment in Kochi? We have solutions for this too. Come along as we explore the various possibilities on how to organise a small Indian Kitchen in your flats with no second thoughts in Kochi. Small kitchen organisation is an art that is gained with a blend of experience and creativity. Once you talk with our team, we resource the existing space into something that is useful, pocket friendly, and attractive for the family.


Whether we need to make a stew or a stir fry, we need pans of various sizes. The heart of a family is in a kitchen and that needs to be kept clean always. So choose drawers and aerated shelves where the pans of all sizes can be organised and kept neatly. You need to keep similar-sized pans, pots, and casseroles in one space.


Lids need racks and we suggest that you can purchase simple plate racks of varying sizes to meet this requirement. This will be a commonplace point for your lids of varying sizes, you should actually have two racks for savoury-based plans, and one for those milk pans and dessert saucepan lids.


It’s a kitchen and there is always a tiny cutlery or plastic reusable box that you always love to store. Or probably you have a mixie grinder, coffee machine, toaster, or grill to be tucked somewhere inside. Such concerns about house-related spaces can be shared with our interior designer in Kochi with ease. You can place small cupboards in concealed portions of the kitchen and leave your cooking space clutter-free.

Divider Drawers

Now, these are some of the most useful, but less known tips that people can use in small apartments in cities. Often, you need to mould large bins or cartons of plastic or strong craters. These can have separators that act as shelves or drawers to store various things. You can place kitchen clothes in one drawer, and spices or special Indian cooking mixes in small jars in these spaces. Since large containers are not feasible here, you can use small jars and replenish them as needed.

Wall Storage Spaces

Just as much as shelves are needed in your home, you can also use the walls as they are a wise option for storage. With the assistance of home interiors in Kochi, transform your walls into compartments and makeshift bins that will store anything from your aprons, cooking books, and more. They effectively hold items without being an obstruction on the way.  

Mount Shelves

Well, also rack up certain shelves on the walls, behind doors, and also in the corners of your kitchen and storage and pantry areas. These will remain intact and you can place dry food items within them. The good part about such shelves is that you can store jars that have access daily by everyone in the family. So, now your snack bar is ready with a few storage tweaks right!

Grocery Cupboard

We all love to replenish our homes with the once-in-a-month bulk shopping. This is great, but storage is the next issue. For this, have a small cupboard to store your monthly pulses, grains, cleaning liquids, and any other stuff that does not need refrigeration. Make sure that such spaces are insect free and not easily opened by children.

Fridge Compartment Bins

A fridge stocked with veggies, fruits, sauces, and leftovers can be chaos in one sight. Let’s improve this with the addition of plastic and glass jar bins where you can place different products in separate bins that are separated, and have labels and lids for easy usage. This is great as the fridge looks clean and we can reduce spillage issues within this.

 Corner Wheel Racks

Your corners are to be used, and not be left lonely. So, go for attractive wheel-based racks that are small and carefully put into a corner. Arrange your stuff in this corner and since it is open, you can see how it is used and replenish it as needed. From onions, garlic, and eggs, to spice jars, anything can be kept away in these corners.

Magnetic Door Pockets

Wow, these are cute, small but very handy. Got keys to the store and have a quick shopping list to scribble into. Just place these magnetic door pockets, and dump in anything you need to keep safe and yet do not have space allocated for them. Such, budget-friendly ideas are great for people who love to organise the house without much effort. In addition, the palace is organised, clean and open for a quick surprise guest visit too.

Making homes and especially kitchens in order is never an easy job. It somehow keeps going. However, if you use such small yet very useful storage tips, this can change the entire look of your chaotic kitchen into a perfect Indian kitchen. All the products mentioned here are easily crafted and available with our specialist interior designers, or else, you can hunt them down in the local markets. A kitchen is a safe point of consolation for kids, old people, and even friends. Also, even if your child decides to do the homework in your kitchen space or even make it a playground, you can keep the stress at bay. With ample storage spaces like the ones mentioned above, they will not go into any of them and can enjoy the space and time with you.