Are you living in an apartment in Kochi? Well, you must be in a constant battle on how to use your space more effectively, right? Apartments are wonderful spaces to live in a city. But it could be kind of congested and inadequate at times. This is why we thought of pitching in and offering some ideas on how interior designers in ernakulam accommodate homes with artistic spaces. It just takes a tiny bit of creativity and utility in focus when you have space limitations in your apartment.

We have listed out five easy, yet clever ways how you can manage your home spaces without much work. This will increase your storage space within the apartment and help you live without feeling that the whole apartment is overstuffed. Come along as we break into the fine lines of traditional space management and find interesting hacks to make everything look clean and tidy.

Storage Boxes or Shelves are feasible

If you need more space, the first thing that you need to remember is that the leg space or the ground space needs to be improved and increased considerably. Be it Tupperware, clothes, utensils show racks, toys, or a whole load of books, and antique stuff that you like to own and not dispose of, we will have a solution that is worth looking into. So, even if you have large objects like those huge soft toys, or probably those blankets that need to be taken out once a year, Dump them into such small boxes and leave them aside until you really need them. This will keep them away from insects and also free some space from your cupboards. You can make small storage boxes, trays, and extra shelves that can be clamped into the walls or corners of the homes. This means that you do not have to actually store everything on the ground, but most of it could land up higher on the shelves.

A vertical Arrangement is good

Have you noticed the modern modular kitchen in Kochi? Have you noticed how it serves the purpose of a full utility-based kitchen? The arrangement is stylish and compact in many ways. One of the major reasons for this is that in a modular kitchen the spaces are shaped vertically. So this model will look like a stacked design and you can store all those designer tableware, and cutting ware above anyone’s reach. This gives more area for movement and we can tuck in utensils, cloth pieces, tableware, and cutting gadgets deep within the shelves. In a home like this, we need to arrange things so that they won’t look spread out and cluttered up. The idea behind the vertical arrangement is that you take only what you need every day, and store the rest in the closed cabinets. This means more space on a daily basis. Especially if you have small children running around, this modular kitchen model will help them run around and even enjoy small, family time with ease.

Hang Small Compartment Storages

Instead of huge suitcases or storage boxes, you need to think about how to utilize the small corners of every room. It could be the hall, the kitchen, the study room, or perhaps the storage or pantry room. Divide the place into small boxes stacked vertically and label them with tags. This way, you know what has been stored in the box. Again, as the first point specifies, we have reduced the ground space. The fact is that your apartment may have limited ground space. Apart from hanging lights and tubes across the rooms, you could think about effectively piling the boxes upwards in one corner. Keep in mind that you cannot keep heavy things here, but still, they are good for your notepads, purses, keychains, and such precious stuff. If you have your drawers overflowing with little things like stationeries, batteries, and medical kits, you can easily shift them to small pouches that can be hung behind the door or on all walls.

Box Beds help a lot

Yes, we have metal beds, and normal wooden beds too in the market. However since we are trying to find more storage spaces in our home interiors in Kochi, our suggestion would be to switch to box beds. You see you have a lot of space under the beds. These lie uncovered, often being a lovable space for hiding for children and pets. Now, it’s time for a classy revamp! Instead of keeping the space open like that, we have two options. The first is to replace the old beds with box beds. They are low beds with a box as a base for the mattress. The space is enclosed and offers a stable platform to lie down. You can store books or prized clothes in this space. It stays intact and no one will come to open it every odd second. Instead, if you find this as a splurge for your money, you can instead choose large jute boxes that fit under the bed. Slide them underneath and dill it with any of the stuff that you feel needs to be undercover.

Balcony Space

Last on the storage space list, we wanted to fit in the adorable balcony too, Not only is that the place where you can soak in Vitamin D, or even have your kitchen garden, but you can also covert this sunny space into your storage bin, Got sports gears, gardening tools, old books and tools to help you with the messy work at home? The balcony is ideal for such stuff, as they do not need much maintenance and you can still find a hassle-free space to keep them. In case you have a home full of toddlers who love to inspect every nook and corner of the house, this is one place to keep that dangerous equipment away.  

So, are you ready to add these apartment storage tips to your daily life? If you are eager to free up your cluttered apartments in the right way, try out what we have shared with you. If you still think the place is a total revamp you can get in touch with us at any time for a wonderful interior space management consultation.