2021 was our second year of pandemic living, but in 2022 it has begun to ease back towards normalcy and gather again with family and friends. Before 2022 our homes remained our centre of existence and drove many of our decorating and design choices that will continue to dominate the interior design trends in 2022.

It’s a new normal and many of us will continue to spend a great deal of time in our homes, so the same homes should inspire our minds and we need to determine what styles, colours, and materials for the expert insights. The best interior designers in Kochi replicate the awesome looks in your home to get comfortable with current vogues and will also remain in style for a time to come.

There are lots of new interior design trends to stay on the long go for the foreseeable future. Whether it is a new home, renovating your existing home, or even just considering any of these ideas, it’s important to choose the appropriate furniture and decor that won’t look dated and up to the trend. 

The latest trends in interior design for 2022

The latest design trends are all made to make your home feel more comfortable and here are the few interior design trends to go ahead in 2022.  

The trending colour shade

Green is the major in 2022 and is starting to edge out blue as the most popular colour to decorate in the coming years. The green colour is a comforting reminder of a connection with nature. It tends to bring nature’s influence back indoors with us. Colours play a huge role in our lives that work on our emotions, concentration, mood, and a lot more. Another 2022 colour trends follow the yellow and grey or Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These colours will look great to balance the structure and will certainly add a touch of class to your space.

Less Minimalism

Going less minimalistic is leading among the many interior design trends in 2022. It adds layers and has a more casual aesthetic as well as textures to your home creating depth and richness along with comfort. 

Kickback the past

A touch of retro spruce up a home with warm neutrals to brighten up the interiors. In the retro interior design trend, find the perfect piece for you r securing a vintage touch. Routinely visit the antique stores to find the thing that suits you at your price. Research for the lesser-known brands as it gets available with ease at the required price.  Trying to shop online for the vintage furniture would do a bit good on the price. Try to visit more auctions where you can spot the items at swollen prices. 

While making the move, make your space be filled with traditional or regional elements that would represent your heritage yet beautiful locally made handicrafts and art. 

Farmhouse look

A signature modern farmhouse look is getting to have many in the industry and got oversaturated. This is a trend going away in 2022 and eventually, they start to fade away completely.The cool neutrals are long-time favourites of interior designer in Kochi that deliver a clean, contemporary look, seeing the resurgence of warmer colour palettes applied to walls, upholstery, and other furniture. These more conventional shades warm up a room and establish a happy vibe. 

Curved Lines

Now the pattern is changing and the curved or waiver lines are taking the trend. Curves are popping up across furniture collections and trace this trend back to our collective desire for comfort to inherently feel softer and more calming than sharp angles and straight lines.

Nature Inspired

Go the extra mile with your nature-inspired design that brings authentic greenery that will purify the air into your home with a deep sense of fulfilment and joy. Buy your favourite plants that are easier to care for than others like a versatile climber or hardy and beautiful bushy tree or unique cut-out-shaped leaves that thrive in low-light interiors or big and small plants that flourish in partial sun or simply a snake plant that prospers in indirect sunlight too.

Open Kitchen

The need for separate rooms for the kitchen requires extra space and is becoming less desirable. The current trend is large kitchen areas that are open to the rest of the home. Within that open space accommodated for the kitchen, it is necessary to bring in wall shelving and less built-in looking cabinetry. Such organic texture is the most welcoming trend to follow. 

Good Lighting

A home needs better lighting. The latest lighting trend is desk lighting that is sweeping the world focusing on better-looking lamps quickly replacing wall mounted lighting and floor lighting.

Multifunctional Spaces

Past is past, the new trend in the present is multifunctional spaces. Make the most of every nook in the light of architectural strides and design, to utilise space for multifunctional purposes. A single space used for a multitude of opportunities without even leaving the vertical space of the rooms is exactly multifunctional. 

Mixing Traditional and New

The new trend is sprinkling in antiques and vintage pieces among more modern designs. The antique and vintage-sourced decor and furniture are a juxtaposition between old and new in a space.


Our home needs to express ourselves and give them a little peek into our personality by displaying it in the new trends in interior design. This creates a nook in interior design companies in Kochi, reflecting others a bit of your personality done up in colours and statement pieces in the background.