Modular kitchens are redefining our grandma kitchens and if you are looking for wonderful ideas on how to understand budget interior designers in Kochi, we are right here with all the homework done for you. Don’t worry about budgets and just keep a tab on the functionality, style, and colour that suits your taste for a perfect kitchen.

The Kitchen Requirements

Creating a kitchen is a piece of art and we detail the smallest corners to ensure that the cooking space also becomes your family time space. For this, understanding the requirements of your kitchen is necessary. We sketch down your layout or if you have new space, then a design is crafted by our experts and then only a great modular kitchen is brought into reality. So, if you need an L-shaped kitchen, or probably a corridor-style kitchen, state what you require, and we can replicate them into the modular kitchen design.

The Modular Kitchen Basic Elements

The idea of any good modular kitchen is that it has to be functional and for that, a pre-planned design is needed. The parts that are needed are directly sourced by a modular kitchen in Kochi before installing them. This will facilitate the appropriate quality check of the space allotted for your kitchen. Some of the core elements that you need to consider while planning a modular kitchen are the countertops, the shelves, the wall cabinets, the hinges, the stoves, sinks, and even the materials you like to have for the countertops. These can all determine the cost variations of your modular kitchen.

Paint – The silent Transformer in every home

A splash of colour can do wonders or even can destroy the balance of the place. This is why we are always keen to bring in the right shades of paint when it comes to the kitchen space. Always ensure that your kitchen space is well-lit and is painted with soft shades that allow the room to look light, airy, and fresh. Dark colours are great for bedrooms, but not where a lot of cutting, frying and some really good family time has to be taken care of. Trust us, never compromise on having good quality paints in the kitchen as that is where mothers and children stay the most. So, use odour-free paints, and grease-resistant colours that can be cleaned easily.

Tailor-Made Storage Requirements

A kitchen without ample storage space is like a woman without a makeup kit. Storages are a must-have and here we have to ensure that the given space in every home is reallocated to fit the budget and theme of the modular kitchen. You do not need to glamorise your storage space, but you need to ensure that it is comfortable to open and use at any point in time with ease. If you are a person who loves a lot of crockery, you can even adjust with makeshift floating style shelves that can easily fit such crockery and even flaunt it to your audience in style. Using minimalistic storage means that it is easy to maintain in the long run is one of the key pieces of advice we would like to give you. 

What is the finish you need?

Just like a story needs completion, the feel-good aspect of any kitchen is said to be professional only when the finish of every corner of the kitchen is done. A lot of great options are offered by professional interior design companies in Ernakulam where you can choose the type of finish you like and thereby adjust the final expenditure in a cost-effective manner. We often state that if you are in a tight crunch, our creative designers can mix and match durable and stylish, cabinet materials, countertops, drawer handles and so much more to fit the bill. For example, instead of wooden cabinets, you can always go for steel cabinets that are durable, easy to clean and maintain in the long run. Even colours can be adjusted aesthetically. For instance, if you keep your colour choices to just two of them, and they need to be light-coloured ones, you have saved quite a bit!

Backsplash Tiles

The kitchen is meant for messy cooking, water splashes, grit, and so much love. That does not mean you need to spend hours cleaning and setting the kitchen spaces dry and neat always. With the best and most affordable backsplash ideas, you can revamp the kitchen space into something awesome. Use simple single colours, or even textures to place in these areas. For areas where you need to display food, you can even go for terracotta tiles that give a royal, vintage look. Explore the options based on what you have of your dream kitchen. At the end of the day, you need to see if the place can be maintained well. Or else, that would need repeated checks in between. You know kitchens are never closed and they need to be cleaned as well. So colour up the tiles in a way, so that the beauty and maintenance go hand in hand.

Easy Maintenance Flooring

Last on our tips list is the fact that we need Easy Maintenance Flooring that can be easily maintained and is also budget-friendly. In this case, if you have children and older people at home, make sure that your floors are not slippery and do not absorb the greasy fumes of the kitchen. You can opt for affordable tiles or sheet-based tiles that resemble the wood colour. They are really attractive and easy to maintain. For those who love their kitchen to have a fancy touch, we suggest you could go for ceramic tiles. And if you are doing some in-house large-scale cooking on the go, you could always revamp the floors with aluminium ones, as they can be cleaned and sanitised with ease. Often, people are not aware of choices and stick to the conventional designs, But today the market offers so many options where the floors will not stain easily or get cracks easily due to rough use.