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The consultation process is the beginning of the journey to falling in love with the home you live in or the office you will be working at. Designing your home/office can be a daunting process. ABAD with its experience and expertise can however make the job not only exciting but also help ease the pressure and produce results that can be truly fabulous.

Your Designs

The team at ABAD guides you right from the choice of colour schemes, furniture, textiles, surfaces, layout & design of living and dining rooms, master bedrooms, kitchens & wash rooms, conferences rooms, IT rooms, wellness rooms; the list is simply endless.

the Concept

During this stage we take a tour of the spaces in need of design, whether it be an existing room that needs a re-design or a new building space yet to be a designed. We discuss the style, design aspects and aspiring dreams that you have for your space and home.

Installation &

Once the layout is frozen after incorporating the required suggestions/modifications, a budgetary cost estimate is provided with multiple estimates for various types of specifications. And on receipt of the contract we ensure quality standards in every little step we tread which in fact helps us complete projects within stipulated time frames as desired by our clients.


The right interior design can make life so blissful or else your house could look like a cluttered mess? This is why every home needs an interior designer. For instance, even if you have an old-age home, with the appropriate living room design, Kerala, the value of the simple room can be presented as a luxurious, vintage-style living room. In short, it calls for vision, creativity, and repurposing in the best possible manner – to get the right styles into the oddest of living spaces.

At Abad, a lot of importance goes into the artistic fusion of tailor-made space planning, design detailing, and also opulent finish. You can evoke positive spirits within the modular kitchen Ernakulam so that it reflects your tastes, and defines life in a more organized and elegant manner. The richness of our expertise can be seen when we design the A-Z of every home. So, if you need playrooms, office rooms, living rooms, storage cabinets, balconies, kitchens, and bedrooms, we carve beauty into the concept of a simple room.

Trust the process, interact with the expertise and feel the joy of home living once we give shape to your dreams. Each of the phases of interior designing is done with a lot of precision and world-class expertise and so depending on the amount of personalization, we would see the project scale into action within a couple of weeks. For corporate conference rooms and event-based halls, the timeline would differ as per the specifications.

Depending on your daily requirements and budget in mind, we can help you set up a modular kitchen in Kochi with plenty of options. We suggest that you think about what type of house you would like, the age of people living and the type of furniture you love to decorate the home with. With this in mind, we transform storage spaces, shelves, living rooms, and halls under complete quality checks and innovative design concepts.

The list of our creative architectural accomplishments is plenty and you can take full advantage of our expertise with just a discussion with our interior design experts in Kochi. To understand more about the living room interior design in Kerala, we have showcased our previous prestigious projects on the website. Apart from this, we have taken up interior designing projects from scratch and even revamped old ones to a new, modern living style design. Any corner of the home needs a fresh, uncluttered look, or you want to change the theme of a new home, we are right here to help you.

A project is brought into shape after much thought. We are very proud of the way our team has handled the same. You can see all the successful and ongoing projects in our Portfolio sections. Have a look at the testimonials too to understand how we build long relationships with our clients.

Our Pricing models are affordable and tailor-made to suit the requirements of each client. We help you choose materials for interior design in Kerala homes so that the final expenses can be met in a systematic manner by the client.

You can talk with our creative designers and they will explain the cost and pros and cons of each material. Based on your lifestyle and budget, a final choice is made.

You can simply reach out to our support team via a call or even shoot an email. All our details are available in the Contact Section.

With over a decade of proven commitment and completed projects in our kitty, we have always been confident to move along with the rising expectations of our clients. Our ABAD Interior Designers team is the best in Kochi not only for their knowledge but for their work style to offer only sustainable design in the best manner possible.

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